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Welcome to Neighsayer Patches, your one stop shop for all pone propaganda. Happy to see you here.

Do you do international shipping?


When will my order get here?

No more than a few days after your order is placed. For international shipping, please familiarize yourself with your country's Corona virus policy regarding packages from out of the country before placing your order if you haven't already.

Will there be more patches?

Absolutely! No precise answer as to when, but you can occasionally lurk the Active Pony Project and T:EM/P/O threads for updates or subscribe to the newsletter to know exactly when new stuff is coming.

What do I even do with patches?

Slap those bad boys on anything with a surface of felt! Perfect for hats, jackets, backpacks, and body armor alike.

I don't even like patches...

>lying to someone on their own FAQ page

Check out this list, maybe I can change your mind.

Are you a magical talking horse? Do you have access to them?

For the safety of my associates, myself, and maintaining professional business relations - I cannot confirm or deny either question.